Why Choose Us

Play-Based Learning

A hands-on curriculum gives your child the skills they need.

Faith-Based Values

Faith-based values of respect and kindness infuse each day.

Weekly Date Nights For Parents

Take a break and know your child is in a fun, safe place.

Catered Meals

Your child gets nutritious, yummy meals at no extra cost to you.

Immense Indoor Gym

2,400 square feet of indoor play space for daily movement.

Degreed Teachers

With expertise of experience, our qualified teachers love their craft.

Improving Practical Skills

Self-help skills like food prep foster independence.

Enrichments Rock

Spanish, yoga, music, and more expand your child’s mind.

How Old Is Your Child?


6 weeks - 15 months


15 - 33 months


33 - 38 months

pre k

38 months - 5 years

Summer Camp

2 - 5 Years